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Felt Bacon and Eggs

These were actually the first felt foods I ever made. I made them a while ago and they were from other blog people so I’ll link you to their awesome tutorials.

First is the egg, I plan on making more, maybe even a super big one with two yolks.

Also, I didn’t print her pattern, rather I free handed mine

Here is the link

She also made orange slices, which I haven’t tried


We eat turkey bacon pretty often so Pumpkin loves these. The other day I found them in a (clean pan) on my stove. I had left the pan because I was going to make breakfast and Bug needed a diaper. Pumpkin is going to love his birthday present!

I got this idea from a tutorial, but the blog is now gone…Here is a blog with a similar idea, but I used pipe cleaners, which I sewed to the bacon while sewing the lighter color on killing two birds with one stone, instead of the cord, which looks like it would also work great.

I like the pipe cleaners because they make the bacon so much cooler and bendy as you can see in picture above (one crumpled, one not.) Also, the tip about tracing light color from same pattern so that when cut into fours its already the right shape is awesome, because of this plan on making two pieces of same pattern. I only put lighter color on one side.

Pretty great breakfast don’t you think?!


Felt donuts

Donuts are amazingly easy to make and very satisfying as they look really good. The first I made isn’t as good as the next two, but its a process right. Anyway I made a full tutorial.

You’ll need

scissors, needle

matching embroidery thread for felts chosen

Donut main color, icing color


Trace your CD and center.

Cut and cut center just a little larger than traced hole, it seems small but you will see from my first donut small works! Here you can see three two of my chosen donut one of my icing

Next you have a couple of choices, In my other donuts I cut in a random pattern drippy icing, in this donut I wanted to do a drizzle so I trimed my icing down to show more of the donut.

Here’s the cut drizzle.

Embroider your top decoration to top portion of donut. First I did icing, then drizzle, another option would be sprinkles.

Here you can see the back after I sewed it.

Now sew the outside ring of right sides (side you want showing) together. I use a blanket stitch.

Then turn your donut right side out through the hole in the middle.

When I sew the middle I only go through the dount color as you can see in the above picture of back of donut there is room to do this. Otherwise your thread would show on one side of the other. Again I use blanket stitch, half way through stitch I stuff the first half then stitch another quarter, stuff then stuff and close.

I like how the drizzle goes down into the hole a bit.

This was my first you can see the hole is too big, still looks good though.

This was my favorite (hah out of two) until I did the drizzle one.

Pretty Awesome!

I want mine with Cocoa!!!

Deals this week

This week I’m doing 2 stores


Playtex tampons $3.99 -$2 coupon and $1 RR back

I’m also spending the $10 of RR left over from my M&M deal a week ago on random stuffs (toothbrushes, shaving cream)


They have

Tampons $6.79 get back $6.79 Plus there is a -$1 coupon making you a dollar

Airwick Compact starter kit $4.99 -$4 coupon

Plus if you bought $20 worth of select stuff (I’m going to try to get 4 kits) you get $10 back, earning you about $6

Both CVS and Walgreens have deals with coupons to get Colgate Optic toothpaste for $.49

So that’s my plan….

Felt cocoa

I’ve seen lots of really cute felt cups and wondered how do they do that?! I figured I’d give it a try after having such success with other things.

This was such a guess and try kinda thing. I think it turned out well. I didn’t take any pictures on the process because…well I didn’t know if it would work.

When I make the next one I’ll explain the how, with a few tweaks I learned from this.

Not too shabby!

Felt strawberries

These turned out so well! It really looks like its was difficult, but it was surprisingly easy.

I took a few photos during but missed a couple steps, but I can talk you through them.

You’ll need

Red felt and green felt

Red embroidery thread

Green embroidery thread

Yellow embroidery thread


needle, scissors

First you need a circle. I chose to trace this vase I had that was about 5 1/2 inches diameter. You can absolutely make these smaller, but with Bug eating everything I think larger is better right now for us.

Here you can see I made two circles.

Now Fold each circle in half and cut so you will make a total of four strawberries

Then fold in half again and sew up one seam

This is where my phone disappeared and play by play photos stop. But its really easy. While folded like this I sew my seeds in place by working in circles around the entire thing.

Then turn right side out seeds should look pretty cool. I make a gathering stitch, basically run needle through entire top so when you pull on thread the strawberry closes.

Stuff, close strawberry by pulling on thread and then stitch in place.

I guesstimated leaves by cutting a square that seemed to fit over strawberry well then free handed cut out leaves (doesn’t always work the best)

Then attach securely to top.

Here are three of the strawberries (the forth was occupied by little hands when I took pictures)

Aren’t they awesome?

Oh and in this picture you can see one of the little hands!

These were really fun. I would make more and more if I didn’t have a time constrain of felt food right now.

Great new dealie

I happen to love the website ecomom. They offer some really great stuff and little I don’t like (I hate bjorn its just so bad for babies) Now natural safe and organic stuff costs more, mostly because generally it is worth more and more durable, but that’s another discussion.


Anyway right now two sites are offering deals that give you 50% off the entire site. One is Plum District for $30 you get $60 worth to spend (entire certificate must be used all at once) So since its over $50 shipping will be free and you have until Feb of next year.

Another deal living social There deal is $20 for $40, but unless you buy soon (free shipping on all orders right now) you will have to spend an additional $10 to get to free shipping, So for $30 your getting $50. See what I mean?

BUT both are great deals unto themselves. I’ve never seen two sites offering basically the same deal before

PLUS if your new to Plum District you’ll get $5 if you use my link above (admittedly I will also receive a bonus for referring you, win win)


Well I tried CVS

I am a walgreens girl, its closer and I’m used to it, but CVS had a deal I couldn’t turn down. This past week there was a coupon for $1 off dawn with olay renew. I also had a few of this same coupon from diapers I had bought.

CVS had this dawn for $.99 So with coupon entirely free.

I had 6 coupons, I also had two buy1 get1 free for Ice tea  and $1 off 2 Herbal essence shampoos.

CVS had also sent me a neat $3 off your next shopping order of $15 or more in my email.

Total before sale 22.89

Total after sale 15.97

Total coupons $13

Total paid (+plus .26 tax) $3.23


So 6 dish soaps 9oz, 2 shampoos and 4 teas for $3.23 (which is about what 2 teas would cost) Not to bad huh?! maybe I’ll try CVS again sometime.