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Amazing deal today

As you may have read before I love ecomom Its a great website. I love most of the stuff they sell and the have daily deals (1:30pm EST) that sometimes are amazing!

Anyway Plum District has this deal right now if you a new sign up you recieve a $5 bonus, on top of the normal $5 (totally $10)

AND the code plumlove gets you 30% your purchase.

So They have a deal today $30 for $60 code to ecomom (which is great already) Minus the $10 new sign up you get by following my link (or anyone who can refer you) THEN 30% off which brings the total down to $11.


SO $11 for $60 worth of stuff at ecomom PLUS they always have free shipping over $50.

If you aren’t a new sign up $21 for $60 is pretty great too.



Deals this week

This week I’m doing 2 stores


Playtex tampons $3.99 -$2 coupon and $1 RR back

I’m also spending the $10 of RR left over from my M&M deal a week ago on random stuffs (toothbrushes, shaving cream)


They have

Tampons $6.79 get back $6.79 Plus there is a -$1 coupon making you a dollar

Airwick Compact starter kit $4.99 -$4 coupon

Plus if you bought $20 worth of select stuff (I’m going to try to get 4 kits) you get $10 back, earning you about $6

Both CVS and Walgreens have deals with coupons to get Colgate Optic toothpaste for $.49

So that’s my plan….

Store coupon deals this week

These are just the store deals I did.


Febreze warmers are 2.50

as are febreze spray and set and refresh

buy 4 warmers with $3 off 1 coupons (need 4 coupons)

buy 1 set and refresh with $1 off 1 coupon with additional purchase of whatever (since total would be $-.50)

or 2 set and refresh with 2  $1 off 1 coupons

Pay $1 and receive $5 gift card

So you made $4 (not accounting for taxes)

*coupons are from this Sunday’s paper



M & M’s 4/$10

use 2 $1 off 2  either from  redplum coupon 7/24 Or Fall harvest M&M’s which came out this week (same coupon just one for any M&M’s other fall kind only)

Pay $8 get back $5 in RR

So $.75 a bag

Carmax chapstick $1.50

get back $1.50 RR

Free plus tax

Local deal Crayola crayons $.99

get back $.99

Free plus tax

Walgreens also has a deal of spend $30 get $10 RR on Proctor and Gamble products which have coupons in this weeks paper.

*note RR is a coupon for $ amount off next shopping order. Walgreens has a policy which says that you cannot use more Coupons than number of items so be aware when using RR to have a non couponed item to attach it to. (Walgreens coupons are not counted same way)One idea is to get something cheap like a 5 cent piece of candy.

Also, If you use an RR from a product to buy that product again you will not receive another RR.

Where I live tax is calculated before coupon applied so ‘free’ maybe 8 cents because of tax.

Companies I like: Plan toys

PlanToys is a company I find myself buying from and coveting after again and again. They are exactly what our family enjoys.

My experience with Plan Toys started with a consignment sale. I bought a miracle pound. It was brand new and a bit more than I’d usually spend on a toy, but you could just tell it was quality.

My husband and I loved this toy (and late Pumpkin too). We had it for about 1 1/2 before Pumpkin threw it and a small part of the red button on the sides broke off (this didn’t affect play, but I was worried about splinters). I called customer service to ask about sanding the part down. They sent out a whole new toy stating that shouldn’t have happened.

Since they stood by their toy so readily without debate or asking me to jump through hoops ect.. I have gone on to buy a few other of their toys.  Truthfully I would love to have more and more, but with the price its hard to swing, BUT you pay that price because it lasts and lasts and lasts, and if it doesn’t they stand by their products. That makes all the difference in the world.

Plan toys manufactures in Thailand, they are a green company and totally into child safety. The only recall I found was from a toy which a piece broke off and did not harm anyone, but with that one call they recalled the product to prevent any possible harm. This is the mark of a company that cares about their customers more than sales (yeah I’m talking about Melissa and Doug’s failure to do this).  Their toys are made from nontoxic materials and often organic rubberwood. I say often because the Firetruck we own has rubber wheels.  AND if you look at their toys they all encourage play, imagination and developmental growth. Everything I look for in a toy.

Some toys of theirs I have

A few I’d LOVE to own

So this last one is really a ton of toys in one. I love the whole plancity series the have. Its an awesome toy that you can continue to add to without taking up more space or taking away from current toys (as a opposed to buy new large toys every Easter, Christmas and Birthday) I really really hope to get the pirate ship soon.

Anyway, Plan toys has amazing customer service, great toys, safe toys, encourages free play/imagination and ecofriendly too. Overall, this is a company worth buying from.

Homegrown cool sites for cool toys part 1

I wanted to feature the  American Puzzle Company. I am in love with these puzzles.

Made in USA entirely childsafe. Puzzles are made from Russian birch plywood.

Cool thing about these verse say Melissa and Doug the images and colors are printed (thus painted by printing) directly onto the wood. So there is no peeling stickers or paint, so better playtime, durability and safer (at least for my kids who literally have chewed Melissa and Doug puzzle pictures off )

Plus these puzzles are just plain cool. Some are layered and look cool while others have an educational spin.

How cute is that!

Defiantly something to add to your child’s toy box.

Long term project

I saw this great felt playhouse a few months ago on Homemade by Jill. I have wanted to make it ever since! Her’s can be seen here and there is a flickr group here that she created after inspiring So many other Mama’s to make their own.

So I bought a bunch of felt a few months back right after I saw her post and cut some stuff out, but hadn’t gotten around to doing much with it. Now I have a deadline. I want this done for My beanie’s first Christmas! I think he’ll love it.

Yes, I know he is a boy, but boys live in houses too. Seriously I’m not one of those parents that won’t allow their children to play with the ‘wrong’ gender toy. I think its so silly that some mama’s won’t let their sons have any dolls. Last time I checked my husband was all man and he has a baby he takes care of…

Memorial Day

Did you know that Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day? Originally this day was created to honor those who died during the Civil War, but when we entered another war (read WWI or The Great War) It was expanded to include all those who died in military service for our country.

This is close to my heart as many in my family have and are serving this great nation. My grandfather, whom my son is named after, my uncle who recently returned from Afghanistan, my cousin’s husband, currently active and has serviced multiple tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, my brother, who just left the Marines after 6 years and my sister, who is still serving in the Marines.

More importantly this day is to remember those who not only lived and died preserving this great nation, but why they lived and died for this nation. Our nation is called the land of the free and home of the brave. Our nation which stands for Liberty and Justice for All. Our nation that can be called the greatest nation in the world. Not because its people are great (most of us just plain aren’t) but because of what this nation stands for. A place where anyone can work hard and become all they can choose to be. A nation where Freedom to live anyway and be anyone is a blessing and a right.

I think far to often we forget what this nation was created to be. Nor do we give it the credit it deserves. New Hampshire’s motto is ‘live free or die.’ Don’t forget what freedom is just because you’ve never been oppressed. Don’t give up your rights just because someone says it is only ‘fair’. I chose to live in this great country for what it is meant to be and honor those who have helped us keep it ours.

With greatest Love and Honor I remember.