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Great new dealie

I happen to love the website ecomom. They offer some really great stuff and little I don’t like (I hate bjorn its just so bad for babies) Now natural safe and organic stuff costs more, mostly because generally it is worth more and more durable, but that’s another discussion.


Anyway right now two sites are offering deals that give you 50% off the entire site. One is Plum District for $30 you get $60 worth to spend (entire certificate must be used all at once) So since its over $50 shipping will be free and you have until Feb of next year.

Another deal living social There deal is $20 for $40, but unless you buy soon (free shipping on all orders right now) you will have to spend an additional $10 to get to free shipping, So for $30 your getting $50. See what I mean?

BUT both are great deals unto themselves. I’ve never seen two sites offering basically the same deal before

PLUS if your new to Plum District you’ll get $5 if you use my link above (admittedly I will also receive a bonus for referring you, win win)



Well I tried CVS

I am a walgreens girl, its closer and I’m used to it, but CVS had a deal I couldn’t turn down. This past week there was a coupon for $1 off dawn with olay renew. I also had a few of this same coupon from diapers I had bought.

CVS had this dawn for $.99 So with coupon entirely free.

I had 6 coupons, I also had two buy1 get1 free for Ice tea  and $1 off 2 Herbal essence shampoos.

CVS had also sent me a neat $3 off your next shopping order of $15 or more in my email.

Total before sale 22.89

Total after sale 15.97

Total coupons $13

Total paid (+plus .26 tax) $3.23


So 6 dish soaps 9oz, 2 shampoos and 4 teas for $3.23 (which is about what 2 teas would cost) Not to bad huh?! maybe I’ll try CVS again sometime.


Things I get for free …no really great stuff! part 1

I had heard of swagbucks for a while now but it took me a while to buy into it. First let me explain what I’ve gotten so far by using this then I’ll explain how.

I have ‘won’ or ‘earned’ $50 towards Amazon and $20 towards ecomom.

With this I have bought

Carcassonne  for $22.15

Gobblet Classic Edition – Deluxe Limited Edition for $19.95

Sky Blue Playsilk  for $11.95

Blue Orange Puzzle Up Train Building Game Puzzle for $5.99

Which totals $60.04

minus $50 swagbucks cards

minus $5 Wellsfargo debit rewards amazon card

and $5.04 Amazon credit card rewards

FREE!!! plus, I do currently have an AmazonMom account which gives you Free two day shipping no minimum (as opposed to usual $25 supersaver shipping) Plus an extra 15% off select baby items (namely diapers) AmazonMom is free to sign up for if you are a parent. Details can be found here.

So I got my items free and fast.

For ecomom there is a limit of 1 earned $15 promocode and one $5 code. This week ecomom has free shipping on all orders (usually $50+ is free) So I decided to use mine.

I got another Plantoys toy (I love this company) It their Sorting cone. It was on sale for $18.50 so I did pay $3.50 not exactly free, but for a toy usually priced at $24.99 that rarely goes on sale (and at most 30% off) I am one happy camper.

Separate order for $5 code  (free shipping) I got Set of three twig pencils and a Magic wand. I paid $.50. (I know not sale stuff but really cool stuff. Check out the twig pencils, more here).

Total saved between all cards so far (calculated using nonsale prices)


Out of pocket expense $4.00

and that is not including cost of shipping because really you should never pay shipping anyway.

So that’s what I did. Now the how.  Swagbucks is a toolbar you download on to your internet explorer of choice (personally I use firefox) The search bar is cool in that anything you highlight pops into the search bar so it saves you some typing. The search engine itself, well it kinda sucks. I use it to go to sites I would have other wise book marked, like Yahoo,, 6abc, amazon, ecomom, ZulilyTotsy, Library, babysteals, minisocial and any other usual check it out daily sites. (I’ll post more about ‘deal’ sites later)

Usually, the site I want in top or close to top. For research I still use google. When I search usually a few times a day I ‘win’ swag bucks, my average is 10 but it has been between 7 & 50. mostly 8s and 9s.

Once you have 450 swagbucks you can ‘buy’ a $5 giftcard to Amazon. They have higher gift card you can buy, but the best deal for your bucks is the $5 one. It might seem like this would take forever, but I’ve only been at it for a few months (I think 3) besides this is actual free money.  The Ecomom promocode for $15  is only 999 which would cost 1350 to get $15 on amazon, but you can only get one per account. You can get upto 2 prizes a day and 5 of the same within the month.  It does take like 10 days to post amazon cards, the ecomom posted next day.

I will answer any question anyone has. The biggest question I think is already answered which is does it work and does it pay off? $125 of free stuff at my house proves it! and the best part is you could use this same money to buy whatever you want.