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Felt Bacon and Eggs

These were actually the first felt foods I ever made. I made them a while ago and they were from other blog people so I’ll link you to their awesome tutorials.

First is the egg, I plan on making more, maybe even a super big one with two yolks.

Also, I didn’t print her pattern, rather I free handed mine

Here is the link

She also made orange slices, which I haven’t tried


We eat turkey bacon pretty often so Pumpkin loves these. The other day I found them in a (clean pan) on my stove. I had left the pan because I was going to make breakfast and Bug needed a diaper. Pumpkin is going to love his birthday present!

I got this idea from a tutorial, but the blog is now gone…Here is a blog with a similar idea, but I used pipe cleaners, which I sewed to the bacon while sewing the lighter color on killing two birds with one stone, instead of the cord, which looks like it would also work great.

I like the pipe cleaners because they make the bacon so much cooler and bendy as you can see in picture above (one crumpled, one not.) Also, the tip about tracing light color from same pattern so that when cut into fours its already the right shape is awesome, because of this plan on making two pieces of same pattern. I only put lighter color on one side.

Pretty great breakfast don’t you think?!


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