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Felt donuts

Donuts are amazingly easy to make and very satisfying as they look really good. The first I made isn’t as good as the next two, but its a process right. Anyway I made a full tutorial.

You’ll need

scissors, needle

matching embroidery thread for felts chosen

Donut main color, icing color


Trace your CD and center.

Cut and cut center just a little larger than traced hole, it seems small but you will see from my first donut small works! Here you can see three two of my chosen donut one of my icing

Next you have a couple of choices, In my other donuts I cut in a random pattern drippy icing, in this donut I wanted to do a drizzle so I trimed my icing down to show more of the donut.

Here’s the cut drizzle.

Embroider your top decoration to top portion of donut. First I did icing, then drizzle, another option would be sprinkles.

Here you can see the back after I sewed it.

Now sew the outside ring of right sides (side you want showing) together. I use a blanket stitch.

Then turn your donut right side out through the hole in the middle.

When I sew the middle I only go through the dount color as you can see in the above picture of back of donut there is room to do this. Otherwise your thread would show on one side of the other. Again I use blanket stitch, half way through stitch I stuff the first half then stitch another quarter, stuff then stuff and close.

I like how the drizzle goes down into the hole a bit.

This was my first you can see the hole is too big, still looks good though.

This was my favorite (hah out of two) until I did the drizzle one.

Pretty Awesome!

I want mine with Cocoa!!!


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