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Felt strawberries

These turned out so well! It really looks like its was difficult, but it was surprisingly easy.

I took a few photos during but missed a couple steps, but I can talk you through them.

You’ll need

Red felt and green felt

Red embroidery thread

Green embroidery thread

Yellow embroidery thread


needle, scissors

First you need a circle. I chose to trace this vase I had that was about 5 1/2 inches diameter. You can absolutely make these smaller, but with Bug eating everything I think larger is better right now for us.

Here you can see I made two circles.

Now Fold each circle in half and cut so you will make a total of four strawberries

Then fold in half again and sew up one seam

This is where my phone disappeared and play by play photos stop. But its really easy. While folded like this I sew my seeds in place by working in circles around the entire thing.

Then turn right side out seeds should look pretty cool. I make a gathering stitch, basically run needle through entire top so when you pull on thread the strawberry closes.

Stuff, close strawberry by pulling on thread and then stitch in place.

I guesstimated leaves by cutting a square that seemed to fit over strawberry well then free handed cut out leaves (doesn’t always work the best)

Then attach securely to top.

Here are three of the strawberries (the forth was occupied by little hands when I took pictures)

Aren’t they awesome?

Oh and in this picture you can see one of the little hands!

These were really fun. I would make more and more if I didn’t have a time constrain of felt food right now.


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I am a stay a home mom to two beautiful boys and a stay at home wife to one amazing husband.

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  1. laurelsusanstudio

    Very cute!


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