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Easy felt hair clips

I’ve seen these before and always thought they looked cool. I have two sons though, so no need for hair clips. Walgreens had a sale a few weeks back for goody hair clips $2 get $2 back, along with Markers for $2 get $2RR, so to roll the cost I bought clips, then used clip coupon to buy markers and back again (I only got three markers and four sets of clips)

Well…I’ve been bored and thought Oh I can do that! now that I had a good excuse.

It was really easy, I only made three so far because I have to work on Pumpkin’s Birthday present, but I’ll add more as I do them.

All you need



Embroidery floss of desired colors

Scissors and needle

 Basic steps

Outline your clip with lots of room around it,

Cut felt from pattern you just made,

embroider one side pretty!,

cut hole in other side for clip to slide in (see picture of back of clip),

secure clip (sew the hole on clip to back felt)

embroider together.


Its really really easy when you get down to it. If anyone wants I can add a more

detailed tutorial later.


Here is my Leaf

This one was harder since I had to guess where the outline would be. I think it turned out great. I just did inside part on the one, then it was outlined when sewn together.

Here are my Cherries


See how just the one part of the clip slips through? Also one the far right one you can see the ‘peace’ sign I created when securing the clip to back.

Overall I’d say they’re really cute! Now to gift away to friends and family.


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I am a stay a home mom to two beautiful boys and a stay at home wife to one amazing husband.

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