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Store coupon deals this week

These are just the store deals I did.


Febreze warmers are 2.50

as are febreze spray and set and refresh

buy 4 warmers with $3 off 1 coupons (need 4 coupons)

buy 1 set and refresh with $1 off 1 coupon with additional purchase of whatever (since total would be $-.50)

or 2 set and refresh with 2  $1 off 1 coupons

Pay $1 and receive $5 gift card

So you made $4 (not accounting for taxes)

*coupons are from this Sunday’s paper



M & M’s 4/$10

use 2 $1 off 2  either from  redplum coupon 7/24 Or Fall harvest M&M’s which came out this week (same coupon just one for any M&M’s other fall kind only)

Pay $8 get back $5 in RR

So $.75 a bag

Carmax chapstick $1.50

get back $1.50 RR

Free plus tax

Local deal Crayola crayons $.99

get back $.99

Free plus tax

Walgreens also has a deal of spend $30 get $10 RR on Proctor and Gamble products which have coupons in this weeks paper.

*note RR is a coupon for $ amount off next shopping order. Walgreens has a policy which says that you cannot use more Coupons than number of items so be aware when using RR to have a non couponed item to attach it to. (Walgreens coupons are not counted same way)One idea is to get something cheap like a 5 cent piece of candy.

Also, If you use an RR from a product to buy that product again you will not receive another RR.

Where I live tax is calculated before coupon applied so ‘free’ maybe 8 cents because of tax.


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