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Companies I like: Plan toys

PlanToys is a company I find myself buying from and coveting after again and again. They are exactly what our family enjoys.

My experience with Plan Toys started with a consignment sale. I bought a miracle pound. It was brand new and a bit more than I’d usually spend on a toy, but you could just tell it was quality.

My husband and I loved this toy (and late Pumpkin too). We had it for about 1 1/2 before Pumpkin threw it and a small part of the red button on the sides broke off (this didn’t affect play, but I was worried about splinters). I called customer service to ask about sanding the part down. They sent out a whole new toy stating that shouldn’t have happened.

Since they stood by their toy so readily without debate or asking me to jump through hoops ect.. I have gone on to buy a few other of their toys.  Truthfully I would love to have more and more, but with the price its hard to swing, BUT you pay that price because it lasts and lasts and lasts, and if it doesn’t they stand by their products. That makes all the difference in the world.

Plan toys manufactures in Thailand, they are a green company and totally into child safety. The only recall I found was from a toy which a piece broke off and did not harm anyone, but with that one call they recalled the product to prevent any possible harm. This is the mark of a company that cares about their customers more than sales (yeah I’m talking about Melissa and Doug’s failure to do this).  Their toys are made from nontoxic materials and often organic rubberwood. I say often because the Firetruck we own has rubber wheels.  AND if you look at their toys they all encourage play, imagination and developmental growth. Everything I look for in a toy.

Some toys of theirs I have

A few I’d LOVE to own

So this last one is really a ton of toys in one. I love the whole plancity series the have. Its an awesome toy that you can continue to add to without taking up more space or taking away from current toys (as a opposed to buy new large toys every Easter, Christmas and Birthday) I really really hope to get the pirate ship soon.

Anyway, Plan toys has amazing customer service, great toys, safe toys, encourages free play/imagination and ecofriendly too. Overall, this is a company worth buying from.


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