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Five Little Monkeys!!! Finger puppets

I’ve been thinking about making finger puppets for a while now. I like the idea of story telling/ song singing with them, but most blog versions are about the crocodile song. Many families like and find cute that the taunting monkey’s are eaten by a crocodile…me not so much. So I wanted to do the five little monkey’s jumping on a bed.

The pattern was free hand, basic trace of fingers (leave plenty of room) heartish shape for eyes, oval and half circles for ears. I used felt and embroidery thread.

I think they came out really cute!

The last one is a little bigger.  I was foolish in not accounting for thumb size in other four. Oh well.

Close Up!

So for the Mama and Doctor I had to be a bit creative. I had first thought of a doctors coat, but wanted something more doctorish (plus our pediatrician don’t wear his coat most of the time) Can you guess what I did? (hint one is the Mama the other is the doctor)

Hopefully you can see a stethoscope and for the Mama I made a necklace. I wanted something simple to identify which monkey she was.

I think the doctor is my favorite one.

For those two I decoration the back. I though briefly about doing tails, but soon realized they would be pulled off quickly by little hands.

Pumpkin loves these, though it sounds like he is saying Mommy, when he says monkey.  Gotta love it!


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