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Are plastic toys bad?

I have a love/hate relationship with plastic toys. First plastic is easy to clean, it comes in much more vivid colors that stay and good plastic lasts and lasts.

I hate how unnatural plastic is and cheap and crappy toys made from plastic. I guess mostly its that toys I hate are always made from plastic. I prefer simple open ended toys.

Plastic toys are also subject to tons of recalls, made in china lead and arsenic and all that lovey stuff you want going in your children’s mouths. A great website to check out about whats in your toys is here.  Also, I often google the toy name and recall and things pop up.  Like this search for well known brand fisher price and this lovely article.

With much consideration to companies histories and practices I think some plastic toys are great. But unfortunately blindly buying isn’t just an opinion of child development anymore. Now its real risk to your child’s health.

I will keep some plastic, because wood just can’t do what plastic does. Little People, we have a barn, Noah’s arc and zoo. The animals are safe for chewing, light for throwing and are fun to play with. Plus, Little People has never been subject to recall due to poisons. (just a few older toys with missing screws and stuff)

Mr. Potato head, well come on its Mr. Potato head, also never recalled (well, once because box was mislabeled 2+ when it should have been 3+) We also have a few other random bits, I personally think will slowly disappear and never come back.

Oh! but schleich animals are awesome. I’m mad because they used to be made in Germany, but now are in China too. Regardless this company so far has been safe. We already have quite a few (though they are away for now since they are HARD and Buggy Boy is not) and wood can’t make animals so real.

Plus some instruments are better in plastic (we have a cool drum and xylophone) I know I could get real ones, which I will also do, but at this age its nice to have non hands on constant supervision as Pumpkin rocks out.

We also have a little tykes playhouse. My parents found it at a yard sale for $10. seriously can’t beat the price and it’ll last forever. If I lived somewhere with lots of land I would build a shed playhouse or treehouse, but not to avoid plastic, but because its so much cooler.

Bath toys, plastic…nuf said there.

Guess main point is plastic sucks, but when carefully chosen and safely chosen it is cool for some things.

Oh and if your totally sold on must be plastic  BpA-Free, Phthalate-Free and PVC-Free are what to really look for.

Boon is a great company. We have their odd ducks

Also GreenToys (made from recycled plastic) we have two of their trucks.


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