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How we became battery free!!!

We are finally Battery free!!!! No, I don’t include camera’s and such. We just participated in this great consignment sale called Just for Kids.  I sold most everything I put out, though I do have a few more things I’d like to purge.  Isn’t that a great word?


It just rolls off your tongue and makes you feel good and lighter all at once.

Anyway, back to the battery free.  I have a few toys that ‘could’ use batteries, but we don’t (like our Little People barn) and I did keep a Percy train flashlight, but come on its a flashlight it does need batteries. What I don’t need is toys in my house that my children could glance at and then be entertained for 3 minutes by annoying music and out of context ‘learning’ thrown at them. I think the creepiest toys we got rid of were those that said (and I mean spoke out loud) “I love you”, “You’re my friend.”

Yeah, there is something to be said about avoiding therapy when you child is older wondering why their creepy shape sorter loved them.

Now, I will say Pumpkin doesn’t prefer flashing lights and random noise makers. He likes being in control of the sound input and output (namely banging on things to make different sounds with the spatula he sneaked out of the kitchen. ) He loves books and is learning animals, shapes, letters and number naturally.  SO when he goes to read “A” one day he’ll already have a firm context rather than flashbacks to a singing worm.

Did I mention that leapfrog is never ever allowed in my house, or Vtech or Laugh and Learn. I don’t understand how people think one day, “Oh great it will read to my kids for me so I don’t have to.” Almost as brilliant as the singing potty seats. Really parents can’t you do your own little dance? I assure you your children would rather spend time with you, and if you think not…well you’ll be picking up the psychology bill later.

I have resolved to not allow anymore toys in my home that do not agree with our parenting style/ philosophy. Gifts that don’t will be donated or sold at the next consignment sale! I don’t want this to sound mean, but my job as a parent is to provide the best learning environment (and loving and that good stuff too) for my kids to grow in. Even if that means making dear Aunt Lucy feel bad that Pumpkin doesn’t keep the handheld game especially made for 2 year olds.

Along the same lines…I’m seriously considering getting rid of our TV all together. In truth Pumpkin and Buggy Boy don’t watch it everyday or for that long when they do, but something about the way Pumpkin zones just feels wrong. Plus, he is wired afterward.

I think some kids are just more susceptible than others.

Oh, and if you buy this stuff for your kids, great! That is your choice I do not think it makes you a bad parent or a less loving parent. I think it just means you are not the parent of my children. And that is good. I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


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I am a stay a home mom to two beautiful boys and a stay at home wife to one amazing husband.

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