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Mothering two boys

I recently, well more recent than not had a beautiful baby boy, our second, born VBAC after a long labor and hours of pushing. During the labor I said (calmly…no really I was calm) that “all future children will be adopted.” After my little love bug came out all I could think was “I want to do that AGAIN” fortunately for my body, my husband is a bit more practical in these matters and wants us to wait at least ‘a little while’ before we have our next.

That being said I do still want another…badly. BUT I can say we need to wait if there is any hope of a third child surviving. Most of my day now comprises of feeding, nursing, changing and keeping my younger bug alive. Between my Pumpkin’s over enthused sharing, attempts to wrestle and just flat out trying to SIT on my young son Buggy boy is amazingly growing up well. I think by now I’d be hiding in a corner waiting for the next attack Which come to think of it I am. Buggy boy though is confident and keeps walking, well crawling into the lions den. Pumpkin boy on the other hand just looks confused when Bug gets hurt, I don’t doubt for a second that he is entirely unable to understand that he is what caused pain. Developmentally…blah blah blah. Short of it he doesn’t understand yet, in a few months to a year he will. Which bring  us back full circle to survival of said third child. I want to wait until Bug and Pumpkin will be ‘safe’ or at least ‘safer.’

I do love them being so close in age (16 months 10 days) If I can I’d like to have sets of kids 3 years apart, so they’d each of a close sibling, and not at risk of bodily harm from older siblings. Yeah that would mean 6 kids total. My husband is totally sold on 5, so I have a few years to convince him of 6 or him to convince me of 5. Then again maybe my kids will convince me of only having 4…


About tryingtobemama

I am a stay a home mom to two beautiful boys and a stay at home wife to one amazing husband.

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