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What about Blogging?

You know I feel like blogging has become on of those sad things for me like keeping a dairy. I have had numerous diaries. My husband found one last year from when I was 13. It said and I quote, “Today is my 13th birthday. I am going to keep this diary. I will write in it every day!” Then nothing. I actually mean NOTHING not a single entry after my declaration to keep a diary. So instead of promising I will keep this up. I think I won’t promise and just wait and see if it becomes a habit.

I have another blog that I’m going to take down. I don’t like it, Yes it has more posts, but its not me like this one will be. However, I jumped some my favorite posts over to here. My voice on this blog will be me rather than the politically correct one I had been posing, that  may be due to the fact I gave out the address before really getting to writing it. There is something to be said about knowing people who don’t like you reading what you’ve written and knowing you’ll be judged all that much more. Don’t worry the number of people that don’t like me are actually very very small and its just because they have interest in getting to know me…but that’s a whole other world.

Anyway ‘they’ say a successful blog should have one focus. Ehhh I guess the focus is going to be me and thing I’m interested in at the time. Mostly mothering, saving money, crafting and mothering. If anyone reads this wonderful. If not at least its cathartic.


About tryingtobemama

I am a stay a home mom to two beautiful boys and a stay at home wife to one amazing husband.

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