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Playhouse complete

So these pictures are from Christmas day so some items are missing off the playhouse, but you can get the general Idea.  Anyway without further adieu here is my son’s playhouse, (or as a friend likes to call it a tent)

So here I just free drew the birdhouse and copied some birds off of line drawing in clip art (google searched for a while)
The bush was actually pretty hard. its difficult to draw asymmetrically without seeing too symmetrical in your asymmetry. I glued little berries in it because the plain bush was just too…plain.
The window has tulle. I first sewed the tulle, the cut it down and sewed the frame on the inside then the outside. The frame is four strips on each side.

This has flowers, you can see a few thrown on the side of the photo. The door frame was three strips folded over so your can’t see the house color in between.
Important feature, the door has velcro and rips away. So far very useful, at first my son didn’t understand to go through the door so removing it helped.
I should have used more Velcro on mail box, it tends to hang open unless perfectly affixed.

There are more apples, just already loved. This was my favorite panel by far. I showed the tree in a previous post. I sewed the main portion on first then the branches which gave it some depth. Then leaf placement took a bit. Three leave colors. I sewed one line down each for pop factor. The apples were a pain. I think I may make some pears to go on here too.
The squirel is by far my favorite part. Also taken from clip art.

I’m not thrilled with this panel yet, because its not entirely done, but It was Christmas and my son doesn’t care yet about the extras.
There are pockets for the carrots. The lettuce comes off (see this blog for much of design)
I love my pumpkin! I sewed one edge then first partition and stuffed, second partition, stuffed, other edge stuffed, fixed stuffing then sewed bottom closed. Oh and the steam is sewed on first.

The part that isn’t done is our tomato plant. It needs leaves…eventually.

Overall I loved this project, but it took longer than I thought. TONS of cutting followed by plannings revising and revising (all done true to size with newspaper) and then finding sewing time was really the biggest pain. Being very pregnant and tired meant I took naps when my son napped, which leaves bits of time stolen here and there when my wonderful husband could watch our at that time clingy to mommy son. I would do this again….in a few years if needed.


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