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Start of playhouse

Ok so, I know this is a Christmas present, but how could I not let him test these out?

Can you guess what these are? I made them based off of Jill’s pattern, but now I think I have a better idea to make them look less cartooney (which is still very fun!) and more like the real thing, but I had already cut these out so here they are! I stuffed as I sewed. and one thing I love about felt, no finished seams, you just sew and your done! I have 6 finished, but two have wandered…
Closer view of carrots (Oops did I give it away?)

These are so much fun for munching!

I made five

so far, but I couldn’t find my blue one when taking the picture…maybe its with the carrots.This I also used Jill’s pattern for. I folded over a pipe cleaner and put inside the stem. The stem itself was easy. All I did was take a rectangle, fold over to just fit pipe cleaner and sewed up the one side. I put a little bit of stuffing at the bottom of the stem and sewed shut. I will recommend however to sew a little bit of the pipe cleaner into the flower itself as otherwise I have two sad looking flowers.



I love this felt, it has glitter in it so it looks extra special.
For the center I experimenting with different looks. I kinda liked the basketball look on this one.

I will say however one this that is hard about felt, there is no margin of error. Your stitches go wonky and they are right there to see.


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