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I made these cute monkeys from a wonderful pattern located here by mmmcrafts additional awesome ideas here.

First is Sergeant Monkey

 My beany loves him! The arms and tail are perfect for his little mouth, although I will admit Sergeant Monkey’s head has had quite a lot of chopping as well.

He was made from PJ’s that were given to me for pumpkin bot, but the feet were worn out, perfect amount of fabric for this guy. and the hands and feet were from an old pair of corduroys I had ripped and thrown in my scrap pile a while ago. An almost free project!

Second is Monkey Lou

Made for my just turned two beautiful niece.
(still needs her blue shoes…they are cut…)

She was made from the same old pants, scrap fabrics that were given to me and coordinating fabrics I bought hoping I toed the line of ugly mismatched but actually equals cute.

Aren’t they cute together!

If your counting the three faces…there is another birthday coming up in August, no peeking!


About tryingtobemama

I am a stay a home mom to two beautiful boys and a stay at home wife to one amazing husband.

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