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Memorial Day

Did you know that Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day? Originally this day was created to honor those who died during the Civil War, but when we entered another war (read WWI or The Great War) It was expanded to include all those who died in military service for our country.

This is close to my heart as many in my family have and are serving this great nation. My grandfather, whom my son is named after, my uncle who recently returned from Afghanistan, my cousin’s husband, currently active and has serviced multiple tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, my brother, who just left the Marines after 6 years and my sister, who is still serving in the Marines.

More importantly this day is to remember those who not only lived and died preserving this great nation, but why they lived and died for this nation. Our nation is called the land of the free and home of the brave. Our nation which stands for Liberty and Justice for All. Our nation that can be called the greatest nation in the world. Not because its people are great (most of us just plain aren’t) but because of what this nation stands for. A place where anyone can work hard and become all they can choose to be. A nation where Freedom to live anyway and be anyone is a blessing and a right.

I think far to often we forget what this nation was created to be. Nor do we give it the credit it deserves. New Hampshire’s motto is ‘live free or die.’ Don’t forget what freedom is just because you’ve never been oppressed. Don’t give up your rights just because someone says it is only ‘fair’. I chose to live in this great country for what it is meant to be and honor those who have helped us keep it ours.

With greatest Love and Honor I remember.


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I am a stay a home mom to two beautiful boys and a stay at home wife to one amazing husband.

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